Our Team

Cristina Collana

Cristina Collana began her Hero’s Journey with Acton Academy Frisco in 2021. She previously worked as a NYS public-school educator, but quickly realized the traditional education system needed to change.  

Cristina moved on to a career in corporate training, which brought her to Texas. She discovered Acton by chance after hearing about it through a local family.  Impressed by this innovative education model, she learned more and ultimately found her way to being part of the Acton Academy Frisco family. 

Cristina fell in love with education again! She has served as Lead Guide in both the Discovery Studio and Spark studio. She has not only learned how to be a Socratic guide, but has developed quests, launches, and other recipes, tools, and systems to help facilitate real learning and create a learner-led educational experience.

In her downtime, she can be found geocaching, swimming, traveling, and enjoying good company with her family, fur-baby, and friends. 

She is excited to help Acton Heroes navigate their own paths in the Hero’s Journey. 

Cyndi Flores

Cyndi Flores serves as Head of School since 2021. She knew that gaining experience in the studio would greatly benefit her ability to serve Acton heroes. She continues to serve as Guide, spending more time ensuring the gamification of learning, observing the learner’s and adapting systems to their needs, designing quests and launches, and being inspired by the geniuses who are choosing the Hero’s Journey.

Cyndi enjoys spending time with her two boys, even when that means being outside of her comfort zone trying new things. She loves to cook, dance, read, and if you ask her family- to organize everything. She is always planning projects, special events, and trips for the future. 

She loves meeting new people and learning from deep conversations. She has always been interested in education, even as a small child, so it is no surprise that her Hero’s Journey led her to open an Acton Academy campus. 

She is grateful to be part of a global network of forward thinking parents, who inspire, connect, and equip each other to support our heroes on their journey.